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12VDC Wall adapter for Daiwa/Comet Power Meters - Product Image
Click for larger image

12VDC Wall adapter for Daiwa/Comet Power Meters

Daiwa Power Meters require an external 12VDC supply for the LED Dial Lamp and PEP operation.
A 12VDC cable is included with each meter for connection to your 12VDC supply.
If you don''t have a 12VDC external supply you will need this adapter for PEP mode and for the dial light.
Average power measurements do not require external power.

12VDC 1A Regulated power adapter, Input 115/230VAC.
Coaxial DC Plug 2.5mm-5.5mm.
Works for all Daiwa and Comet power meters that are listed on our website.

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