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Bird 4240-400 QC Interseries Adapter Kit N/UHF/BNC/TNC (New) - Product Image
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Bird 4240-400 QC Interseries Adapter Kit N/UHF/BNC/TNC (New)

Interseries Adapter Kit N/UHF/BNC/TNC
4240-400 Interseries Adapter Kit
The adapter kit lets you assemble compact, precision 50 Ohm adapters to meet up to 45 different matching requirements. The adapters offer low VSWR because of precision matching and tight mating tolerances. The N (F)/N combination, for example, is below 1.05 to 1 GHz and below 1.1 to 2.5 GHz. Model 4240-400 lets you create 30 combinations and includes enough couplers to assemble 5 complete adapters at the same time.
The kit includes N, UHF, BNC and TNC connectors. See Kit Configurations.
Specificatonis 4240-400 Adapter Kit

Price:   $210.00 

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