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Bird APM-16 Thruline   RF Wattmeter (Used)High Accuracy +/- 1% FS5x More Accurate than Model 43 - Product Image
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Bird APM-16 Thruline RF Wattmeter (Used)
High Accuracy +/- 1% FS
5x More Accurate than Model 43

Same as above Black APM-16 but earlier cream/beige colored version, same specificatoins, used in excellent condition. 5X More accurate than the Bird Model 43 Wattmeters

Average-Reading Portable Wattmeter. Designed especially for RF power measurement in PCS, cellular, ESMR, paging and similar communication systems. Equally effective for measuring RF power in conventional analog systems. Uses APM-series plug-in elements to cover a wide range of frequency and power levels. Simple Thruline style operation for instant forward or reflected power readings. Interchangeable QC connectors for fast hook-up. Used in excellent condition. Much improved accuracy over the Model 43 type meters the APM-16 accuracy is +/- 1% FS and +/- 4% reading. Requires APM-16 type elements.
Tested, 90 Day Warranty.
Elements are sold separately.
Bird Model APM-16

Price:   $395.00 

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