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Coaxial Dynamics Relative Field Stregth Meter 7601 (New) - Product Image
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Coaxial Dynamics Relative Field Stregth Meter 7601 (New)

Model 7601 Portable Relative Field Strength Meter
  • Superior Sensitivity
  • Broadband 1-3000 MHz
  • Low Power consumption
  • Large Meter Scale for easy reading
  • Detachable Antenna
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Internal Battery Test Circuit
Sensitive, portable RF Relative Field Strength Meter. Locate hidden RF sources, antenna tuning and testing, locate RFI leaks, EMI/RFI testing, RDF Radio Direction Finding. Font panel meter sensitivity adjustment. Input BNC connector, flex antenna included. Internal 9V battery (included). Uncalibrated, non-tuned, broadband 1-3000 MHz. Rugged, scratch resistant aluminum case (same as used in the RF Wattmeters 81000A), made to Coaxial Dynamics high quality standards, 2 year warranty (battery excluded).

Users Manual for 7601 FS Meter

Price:   $219.00 

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