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The RF Shop Offers Top Quality New and Used RF Wattmeters and RF Loads
Bird Model 43 Daiwa CN-801HP RF Power Measurement Equipment by Bird Electronic, Coaxial Dynamics, Telewave and Daiwa. The RFShop offers a wide selection of high quality new and used RF Wattmeters, RF loads, wattmeter elements and other RF products. The most popular items in the RF Shop are the amateur radio and industry favorite Bird Wattmeter Model 43 and plug-in elements. There are several Bird Wattmeter models available from the very popular Model 43 to the 4314B Peak Reading Wattmeters and the 4431 Variable RF Tap Wattmeter. The RF shop also offers the very popular broadband Telewave RF Wattmeters models 44A and 44AP VHF/UHF wattmeter and the 44L1 and 44L1P HF/VHF wattmeter. The broadband Telewave wattmeters require no plug-in elements. We also offer the Coaxial Dynamics RF wattmeters and plug-in elements. The Coaxial Dynamics plug-in elements are 100% compatible with the Bird Model 43 plug-in elements. Our most recent addition to the RF Shop are the Daiwa Wattmeters. Daiwa Wattmeters offer you SWR readings at a glance with the cross-needle design. The RF Shop offers Daiwa watt meters for average reading and peak reading for most of the Amateur Radio Bands.

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For information on the different types of RF wattmeters and RF Loads (or "dummy loads") offered by the RF Shop visit our About Wattmeters page.

The RF Shop stocks a wide selection of Bird, Telewave, Coaxial Dynamics, and Daiwa  RF wattmeters, RF Loads, and RF Load/Wattmeters. Product specifications can be found at the Product Information links on the upper section of the menu on the left of the screen. For on-line shopping select the Product List items on the menu.

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Payment Methods
At the RF Shop we accept these forms of payment

When a non-credit card order is placed for an item we place that item on hold for five days to allow time for mail-in payments to reach us. When your order is placed in the RF Shop we receive a copy of the order immediately so you simply have to mail in the payment or select payment by PayPal. We do not use FAX, we only use email.

Returns Policy
If you are not satisfied with a product purchased at the RF Shop you may return the item for a refund of the purchase price. Returns should be made within ten days of delivery and the product must be in the same condition as it was when shipped (no missing parts, manuals, etc). All previously owned products are tested before shipping. New RF products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and if there is a problem can be returned to the RF Shop for an exchange or refund.

Orders may be cancelled anytime prior to shipment.

Shipping & Insurance
All products are shipped fully insured for the sale price of the items purchased. Shipping charges are calculated by UPS or USPS based on your zip code and include a $3 charge for insurance and other handling charges. For the least expensive shipping method select USPS Priority Mail. In the very unlikely event that there is damage during shipment the damage should be reported immediately to the carrier and to the RF Shop. If the carrier is UPS they will pick up the package and return it to us at no cost to you.

Orders are normally shipped within 1-2 days of our receipt of the order. Only in-stock items are offered for sale in on-line RF Shop. If you see an out of stock item check back in a few days to see if the item is available. For special orders call us at 781-648-2097 or email us for quotes.

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The RF Shop Offers High Quality New & Used RF Wattmeters and RF Loads
The RF Shop offers a wide selection of top quality new and used RF Wattmeters, RF loads and some other RF Products. The most popular items in the RF Shop are the favorite Bird Model 43 Wattmeter and plug-in Elements. There are several other Bird Wattmeters to choose from such as the 43P & 4314B Peak Reading Wattmeter and the 4431 Variable RF Tap Wattmeter. We also offer the Telewave 44A and 44AP wattmeters that require no plug-in elements. The RF Shop Wattmeter