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ChuckMartin.com is a FREE Ham Radio Equipment Ads Site dedicated to buyers and sellers of amateur radio equipment. This includes radios, antennas, towers, keyers, or whatever you ham radio interests are. Your may place free ads here for anything related to amateur radio.
amateur radio equipment
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This site is dedicated to classified ads for ham radio equipment!

ChuckMartin.com is a brand new ham radio equipment ad site. Not only the ads are free, you may also have a free picture with your ad. Go to the Terms&Tips page for details about placing your classified ads. Our ads are automatically deleted after 45 days, unless the owner of the ad renews the ad. This process keeps our classified ham radio equipment ads fresh and up to date. Placing an ad is quick and easy, just click on the FREE Classified Ads link. ChuckMartin.com is not interested in collecting a lot of information, we do not give out any information to any other web sites, and we only require the absolute minimum information required to allow our amateur radio equipment shoppers to reach you, either by e-mail or phone, your choice. Visit our Terms & Tips page for tips on how to write a highly effective ad to sell your amateur radio equipment.

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Don't spend a lot of money buying or selling ham radio equipment equipment, use our FREE Classifieds for amateur radio equipment on www.ChuckMartin.com.

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