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Bird 5011 5011-EF Terminating Power Sensor (New)40 MHz - 4 GHz & 40 MHz - 12 GHzFor Use With Bird 5000-XT - Product Image
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Bird 5011 5011-EF Terminating Power Sensor (New)
40 MHz - 4 GHz & 40 MHz - 12 GHz
For Use With Bird 5000-XT

TPS Series, Terminating Power Sensors are the easiest to use, most cost competitive terminating sensors on the market. This one port measurement device will provide True Average Power for forward power or reflected power if attached to a Directional Coupler or total power in the line if connected to a Non-Directional Coupler. The TPS is a true "plug and play solution" with no front panel calibration required at any time.

USB Sesnors 5015 and 5015-EF Include Bird's VPM2 Virtual Power Meter Softaware on CD for stand alone use on most PC computer.

Model 5011 Terminating Power Sensor
40 MHz - 4.0 GHz, Terminating Power Sensor

Model 5011-EF Terminating Power Sensor
40 MHz - 12 GHz, Terminating Power Sensor (Extended Frequency)

The TPS is truly the most economical terminating sensor, half the price of our leading competitors. Quite a value considering the TPS is a highly accurate (5%) device with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Also available in a USB compatible version.


  • Frequency Range: 40 MHz-4.0 GHz or 40 MHz-12 GHz (EF Models)
  • Power Range: -20.000 to +10.000 dBm (10.000 uW to 10.000 mW)
    Use Bird attenuators for higher power.
  • Nominal Impedance: (?) 50
  • Peak/Average Ratio: 12 dB max.
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of Reading. When operating below 100 MHz and above 40 C, add 1%.
  • Insertion VSWR: Typical 1.03 (36.6 dB return loss); maximum 1.20 (20.8 dB return loss)
  • Warm Up Time: 5 Minutes
  • Connectors: Precision N Male
  • Power Supply: From host instrument via cable connection
  • Interfaces: DB9 (Proprietary Configuration) for use with Bird 5000 Meters
  • Weight: .75 lbs max.
  • Size: [inches (mm)] 6" (152mm) long (including connector) 1.5" (38mm) diameter
TPS Sensors Data Sheet

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