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Bird Peak Reading Upgrade 4300-400 (New)For Model 43 Bird Watt Meters - Product Image
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Bird Peak Reading Upgrade 4300-400 (New)
For Model 43 Bird Watt Meters

4300-400 Peak Power Conversion Kit (New)
Conversion Kit for Model 43 Wattmeter
Easily convert any Model 43 to accurately read Peak as well as CW power. Uses standard Bird elements with space to store 1 additional within the meter housing after conversion. Push-on/push-off switch for easy switching between CW and peak power. LED to indicate the meter is switched to Peak mode. No wiring required, mounts on meter studs on most Bird 43 wattmeters.
The Model 4300-400 kit is designed to easily convert any Model 43 to accurately read peak power in AM, SSB and certain limited pulse applications. Installation of the kit in no way affects the Model 43's ability to accurately read CW power. The circuitry operates from 2 standard 9V alkaline batteries.
New, factory warranty one year
Bird 4300-400 Peak Read Upgrade Specs

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