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Comtelco Base Station Antenna Fiberglass Radome - Product Image
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Comtelco Base Station Antenna Fiberglass Radome

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Comtelco manufactures all base station antennas in our plant in Glendale Heights, Illinois. In developing our designs, we use the latest state of the art test and measurement equipment available.

Comtelco antennas are manufactured using proven design techniques and specialized materials that provide economical and reliable long term operation. Our designs are constantly being reviewed and upgraded. We want to be certain that the best possible product is always being shipped.

Our omni directional base station antennas are mostly center fed dipoles available in various configurations.

Specific applications are addressed by offering both standard bandwidth and wide bandwidth antennas at certain frequencies. Specific mounting options are also available.

The construction used in our antennas features copper alloy elements soldered and/or welded for electrical and mechanical integrity. The element structure is encased in a UV inhibited fiberglass radome assuring long life and excellent resistance to harsh environments. This design allows for high power handling capability while minimizing inter modulation. Construction of this type is not usually used in lower cost base station antennas. A complete drain system provides the necessary means of dissipating any moisture build up from condensation caused by temperature fluctuations.

Check out the new offerings for 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and 380 MHz for HOMELAND SECURITY.

Our new 1.5" diameter heavy duty BSL series base station antennas are the most robust antennas we have ever offered. Built to stand up to the most demanding applications, they set a new standard for reasonably priced, heavy duty base station antennas.

Models available in 3 Radome sizes, Standard 1", Heavy Duty 1-1/2", and Super Duty 2".


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