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Model 43 Peak Reading Upgrade (New)For Model 43 Bird Watt Meters (Aftermarket)Similar to the Bird 4300-400 - Product Image

Model 43 Peak Reading Upgrade (New)
For Model 43 Bird Watt Meters (Aftermarket)
Similar to the Bird 4300-400

Peak PEP/SSB power plug-in PEAK board for the Bird 43 RF Wattmeter High Quality After Market Module Replaces Bird 4300-400 Peak Module

New Features, High Quality, Plug-in Board, External DC Supply Available

This circuit design has a precision chop stabilized front end amp followed by separate peak detection and hold circuit, so eliminating dc and temperature drift errors. This circuit also accurately matches the expected meter impedance so maintaining its accuracy over the full range of Bird elements.

The board and build quality are to a very high standard, and will deliver accurate readings and trouble free service.

Board specification:

  • Push switch to select between peak/SSB and normal mode (power is only required for peak/SSB mode).
  • Dual power source, 4 x AA on-board batteries or an optional external 9 - 24v dc supply.
  • Supports both alkaline & rechargeable batteries - with on-board charging for NiCad / MiMh batteries.
  • Ultra low power circuit design, typical alkaline battery life in excess of 400 hrs.
  • Chop stabilized first stage - no DC drift or temperature errors.
  • User calibration adjustment using any CW carrier.
  • User adjustable peak hold time.
  • Accurate over the full range of Bird elements.
  • Dual mode LED - flashes 1x per sec in PEAK mode - flashes 4x per sec if battery/PSU volts are low.
  • High quality double sided plated through circuit board.
  • Fits all Bird 43 meters with the standard 38mm and earlier 35mm meter terminal spacing.
This board fits to the back of the Bird 43 meter movement, no alteration is required to the Bird 43, and the board can easily be removed and the meter returned to its original condition.

Powered by 4 on-board AA size batteries, or an external DC power supply (9v to 24v).

This is the latest board design compatible with early Bird 43s and includes user adjustable peak hold time, and on-board battery charging.

The power jack is on one side of the board, and the push switch, led, and calibration adjustment on the other. These are accessed via the element holder openings - so you can no longer store elements here.

This sale is for the peak/SSB power board, supplied with a 2.1mm power jack connector, no batteries or power supply are included in the offer.

The batteries shown are for illustration - they are not included in the sale.

Two year replacement limited warranty!

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